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Thrasher aka "Lil Thrash Cat" is a 2 year old black and white domestic shorthair who lives at Mainline Skate Shop in the city of Bell, California.  

How Thrasher came to be at Mainline Skate Shop: 

"One night in November a mysterious cat walked inside the shop as if he had business to attend to.  He took a look around the store, meowing once on his way out, and then left the way he came in.  We looked outside and there was the black cat with a white chest and white socks laying on the hood of a truck whose engine was still hot.  Realizing this kitty was trying to keep warm, we immediately put out cat food and water.  Entering the shop again as if he belonged there and helping himself to every last bite of food, this tuxedo cat jumped up on our couch and took a nap.  He was very welcoming of pets and attention.  This stray cat was so friendly and sweet we just fell in love.  After that he never really left... The night he showed up we let him out at closing but when we came back in the morning there he was again!  Like he was waiting for us.  We knew this cat was super rad and we wanted to give him a home so we let him stay the night but he wasn't exactly showing signs of being a well behaved house cat!  Giving him a couple more chances, his behavior over nights shaped up and we chose a name: Thrasher.  Obviously.  After making sure Thrash wasn't a runaway or some family in the neighborhood was looking for him we decided to give him a forever home at the shop.  That week we took Thrasher to the vet where he got a full checkup and all his shots.  Now he lives with us and has a huge skate shop family.  Things are very different now for this cat who was pretty smelly and ate garbage when he first came into our lives..."